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15 April, 2022

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Why Do We Need ImmuneFiles?

Cloud file sharing services, such as Drives, facilitate file sharing and accessibility. However, the data security and privacy safeguards implemented on these platforms are insufficient. These systems are designed for ease of data access rather than security. Our solution immunefiles focuses on this shortcoming by combining ease of data sharing with additional levels of protection that, to a significant degree, prohibit tampering and unaware sharing. Files are protected from external dangers by techniques like as Proctors, password locking, and cutting-edge encryption, among others. Our platform also offers interaction with external ftp protocols and drive networks, ensuring that the flow of organisations is not disrupted.


  • Streamlined File Sharing: Efficient cloud based file sharing system making file sharing and recieving fluid
  • Data Immunity: Files shared/recieved on the platform have added security levels ensuring files are read/edited by the intended audience providing features that enable timed link sharing, custom sharing , password locked files etc . Added layers of security include ai proctors that monitor the web cam and capture sound ensuring no physical data extraction method is utilised for data manipulation .
  • External Integration: Internal Integrations with World Class file sharing networks like Google Drive , One Drive , Dropbox or any third party server enabling file sharing within platforms , integrating all data in one for all platfrom .
  • On Site Collaboration and Sharing - Files can be edited on the platform and co-collaborated using inbuilt Office services . External file sharing allows privately sent link to an external customer outside premisis to access files.

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