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Threat Alert

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PrudentBit Research Team

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Date :

15 April, 2022

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Why do we need Threat Alert?

According to worldwide statistics, phishing emails are responsible for a substantial percentage of data breaches. A considerable fraction of these emails include rasomwares, spywares, or other viruses meant to cause harm to a business for malevolent purposes. Our product is designed to mitigate such risk by assisting an organization's employees in quickly judging and monitoring such emails.


  • One Click Email Monitor - One Click Email Monitor allows workers to send suspicious emails for information verification in order to authenticate their legitimacy.
  • AI Text Analyzer - On the backend, AI text analysis assesses the email based on its content, looking for suspicious download links and illegitimate requests thus determining its innocence.
  • Visit Simulation - Emails received for validation are screened, and links from those emails are collected; these links are then tested on a virtual system to see if they constitute a threat.